Project and resource management. Advanced capabilities on Business Central Jobs.

Empower your team with extensive functionality for project and resource management on Microsoft D365 Business Central Jobs.​
Develop conditions for growth and improved profitability.

project and resource management on Business Central Jobs

Project and resource management. Advanced capabilities on Business Central Jobs.

Empower your team with extensive functionality for project and resource management on Microsoft D365 Business Central Jobs.​ Develop conditions for growth and improved profitability.

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Project setup in less than a minute. With a user-friendly, step-by-step guide, you can quickly and consistently set up your projects in a few clicks.  No more wasting time on complicated work, that in the worst case may require Finance to set up. ​

Pre-defined templates also help to ensure data quality and properly created projects.   Let everyone focus on important tasks and have your projects up and running in under a minute.   ​

Full control over project backlog and forecast by managing your projects from the quote phase. This allows you to work on pre-sales activities and to create quote documents with capabilities for electronical approval processes. This way, you can comply with your signature permissions policies in addition to not having to wait until you receive an order to start managing your projects. ​

Create as much detailed budgets as you need for accurate forecasting. Take timely actions when needed. Quickly and easily identify risks on a single dashboard, or have the system automatically notify you when costs are approaching budget commitments. ​

Speed up the budgeting process by copying budgets, by running the user-friendly interface, or even by simply importing an Excel sheet. Recalculate it as many times as you need and compare multiple budget versions to observe changes over time.  ​

Get a comprehensive Gantt chart that includes added-value information beyond just time planning and task dependencies. This features deadlines, resource work assignments, and resource usage compared to budget.

Obtain a clear picture of both resource workload and availability.  Use filters to find the right resource based on specific skills or competencies. ​Quickly and easily create or modify work assignments with an interactive drag & drop graphical interface.   ​

Make resource assignment collaboration simple and enjoyable. Provide individuals with role-based graphical planning boards to meet their needs and responsibilities. Get a visual insight by using status icons and colour templates. Easily send the data to Outlook calendar for straightforward time entry using pre-defined information. ​

Access live data for resource forecasting in a single click for faster and more confident business decisions. Compare work planned with budget and time already used across projects.

Easy capture of Time & Expense helps to avoid that tasks get forgotten or missed. Automatically update your timesheets with work planned or simply enter time directly in Outlook.  Even capture short time intervals by using the time tracker. Make use of pre-defined value-based descriptions.  ​Easily enter expenses using your mobile device by taking a quick photo of the receipt when the expense is paid. This eliminates the need for manual, tedious expense entry. ​

Submit in time. Get a briefing email with a list of automatically created or manually entered time entries for quick and easy review and submission of timesheets. ​

Approval workflows for quality assurance. Prevent inaccuracies and ensure a smooth invoicing process. Review and approve time and expense entries before they are posted. ​

Streamline the invoicing process to ensure timely payments. Easily review, decide, move entries, and make changes to invoices as needed. Keep track of your milestones and payment plans, and release for invoicing with one click. ​

Present and send invoice as the client wishes. Grouped and/or summarized invoices with specifications as needed to make it easier for customers to understand and pay the charges. ​

Automatically calculate and post Work in Progress (WIP) for tasks and projects that have not been invoiced. Use various valuation methods, enhanced with a detailed WIP report to provide a full audit trail of valuation in financial accounting.

Gain full access to reliable, customisable data with drill-down functionality just a click away.  Get provided with custom-fit analysis views for budget, actuals, and forecast to take corrective measures if needed. Analysis views including full project cost control & profitability, optimised resource utilisation, and any other performance indicator that helps you thrive your business.  ​

Ensure quality data using automated approval workflows. Receive alerts when costs are approaching your commitments.     ​

Visualise insights on a single dashboard as you wish and take data-driven decisions. Find the best way to display your data, no matter your needs, thanks to the flexibility of Power BI reports.

Since we sell hours, it was very important to have a transparent and easy to understand time and expense reporting system. The day after going live, all the time reporting was booked. It was a success! Time & expense reporting got very simple. All employees find it very easy. They just need to type in the project number, task number and hours and expenses spent.

Steen Nielsen, CFO at LE34

When we switched from Navision to Business Central, we had to look for a project management tool because these functionalities don’t come out of the box. We wanted the resource planning to be fully integrated so that the data comes from one single place. That’s why we chose Advanced Projects as an all-in-one solution.

Jytte Beck, Project Coordinator at Geoinfo

We wanted an integrated ERP system to have the same source of truth for all the numbers. We narrowed our search to a couple of systems and decided to go for a Microsoft-based solution because of the long-term development support. We needed a system that could provide us with better quality data, and better visibility into both clients and matters.

Marcus Eyre, IT Manager at DLA Piper

Previously, our invoicing, timekeeping, and accountancy were on separate systems. They all worked fine on their own, but we wanted to integrate them all to ensure that they all spoke to each other. If we made a change in our timekeeping it wouldn’t necessarily flow through to the accountancy and vice versa.

Sean Looby, Head of Operations at Cafico International

Advanced Projects provides us with the possibility to handle any kind of relevant PSA/ERP-data in whichever way we want to. We would like to mention the subscription order functionality as one of the highlights. Also, not to forget, we are really impressed with the level of support and dedication that we get from pryme Global.

Maria Gårdman, Business consultant Dynamics 365 BC at Goodfellows

Advanced Projects helped us take a step into the future. We needed a new PSA solution for the future that creates conditions for growth as ONE NORRIQ. A solution enabling integrated processes, process automation and complete access to data for full control over our projects and overall business. A fully integrated “all-in-one” solution was the only way forward.

Allan Nørgaard Rasmussen, Chief Operating Officer at NORRIQ

Focus on project and services-based businesses​

We know your pains. And most importantly, we know how to fix them.

project and resource management

Professional Services​

It’s all about time & people

Gain insight into resource workload and availability. ​
Ensure utilisation and easy capture of all time spent. ​
Present and specify the invoice as the customer wishes to avoid dissatisfaction.​


project and resource management

Law Firms

It’s all about clients & matters

Manage your intake process ​with audit trail​
Simplify time entry ​with time tracker and ​predefined descriptions.​
Send electronic invoices ​in a collaborative process.​

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nonprofit accounting software


It’s all about funds & funders

Get in control of your funding and grants. ​
Manage budgets and cost spent with funding allocations.​
Deliver funding reports effortlessly.​​


project and resource management


It’s all about budgeting, purchase & cost control ​

Budgets & Forecast, easy to create and update regularly​
Purchase commitment, be in control​
Subcontractors, easily managed and controlled​

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Advanced Projects

Advanced project and resource management on Business Central Jobs to foster growth and enhance profitability.

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pryme ​Matters​

For law firms looking to streamline and digitise their business through an integrated end-to-end industry solution. ​

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pryme Fund Management​

For nonprofit and other funded-based organisations for easier management of funds and funders.​


pryme ​Time

For companies aiming for enhanced and simplified time entry and resource forecast capabilities.​

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pryme ​Intercompany​

For groups of companies working as one in an integrated (intercompany) process​

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pryme Tax Retention​

For principal contractors withholding tax to subcontractors in the UK, Ireland, and Spain.

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