Global Reach, Project focused

We do nothing but project and resource management. We provide both partners and software users with out-of-the box industry specific solutions based on our deep-inside knowledge and experience in this business’ processes, pains and needs. ​

Global Reach, Project focused

We do nothing but project and resource management. We provide both partners and software users with out-of-the box industry specific solutions based on our deep-inside knowledge and experience in this business’ processes, pains and needs. ​



117 years of combined experience



8 supported

About us

Our idea  ​

Everything starts with an idea. Ours was to establish a business that was completely focused on project and service-based businesses, a market segment in great need of digitizing their businesses with modern, fully integrated business solutions. All based on D365 Business Central and the latest cloud technology from Microsoft.   ​

Pryme Apps  ​

Our journey began when we were carefully selected as the exclusive distributor in Europe for Advanced Projects, built on the wealth of knowledge from 20 years in developing PSA solutions.  ​

As our business developed, and we gained more and more end customers, we started developing our own apps for specific needs and market segments.   ​

We believe in long-term partnerships built on trust and close relationships. With respect for each partner’s ambition and conditions, we adapt the collaboration to create business value for both parties and our mutual customers.  ​

International network of partners & Clients  ​

Today we have established an international network of partners in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. A partner network that grows with what we believe is healthy for our business and our ability to take care of the partners we have.

Today pryme is not only an integral part of the Advanced Projects product team, but they also provide pryme apps adding value to Advanced Projects for specific client segments. Together we make a significant difference to many end customers worldwide.

Robbie Morrison, Chief Technology Officer at Velosio

A business segment in great need of integrated ERP with advanced project and resource management capabilities.

This legacy continues to this day and is the reason why project and services-based businesses are in great need of digitising their businesses with modern, fully integrated business solutions.

Microsoft and Velosio’s long-term partnership

Velosio has valuable experience creating solutions for project-based and professional services organisations. We are excited to have their expertise in this new offering built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Paul White, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics

Velosio and Microsoft have a special relationship, beyond the many former Microsoft people on the Advanced Projects team. Advanced Projects was conceived and planned in conjunction with Microsoft business application leaders who recognised the need for a complete business solution to support professional services firms and project-based businesses and wanted a trusted partner to develop it.

Joe Longo, President & CEO at Velosio

The Team
Remote, though ONE

Fully bootstrapped by an expanding partner network, we’ve grown from a two man show to a fabulous team stretched across 4 European countries.

Readiness to help each other, and our customers is our driving force.


I have a strong commitment to guiding and supporting others on their path to growth and success.


Creating stuff is my passion – a product feature, or a treehouse for the kids. If I can learn something new on the way I’m unstoppable.


I am a sun seeker and marathon runner who loves to spend time outside with family and friends.


I am a bookworm turned coder, with a soft spot for friends, sea and a good wine (after working hours).


I am a certified music junkie, a coder, and a hedonist. But all that being surrounded by furry friends is like my piece of heaven.


I’m a football enthusiast, living each match as if I were on the field. In addition, I delve into the digital world as an expert software developer, shaping virtual reality with logic and creativity.


I love biking. I commute to the office all year around, regardless of the weather. It can be sunshine, raining or snowing. The temperature can be +30 or -12. I don´t care. I bike.


I enjoy developing software from scratch making real all kind of ideas.


Travel & food are my biggest passions, I’m the person to ask if you ever need restaurant recommendations. When I’m not working or traveling, you will probably find me in the countryside with family & friends.


I’m a passionate programmer who tries to balance technology with an adventurous spirit. Whether I’m coding, exploring new horizons with camera in hand, or staying active and connecting with others, I strive for a balanced life.


Passionate about turning raw data into business insights, developing data empowerment solutions, and learning in the process. I love to travel and discover new cultures.


As a language enthusiast, I have no choice but to be a devotee of the power of words.

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