pryme Intercompany

Business Central intercompany data exchange solution enabling multiple business units and subsidiaries to collaborate, combine their resources to obtain valuable insights and improve decision-making.

master and project data management solution

pryme intercompany

Business Central intercompany data exchange solution enabling multiple business units and subsidiaries to collaborate, combine their resources to obtain valuable insights and improve decision-making.

About pryme Intercompany

Cross-company data sharing solution. Share data across companies within a group in a consistent way eliminating manual data aggregation.​

Ensure data consistency and process automation aiming to work as ONE.

Looking for new ways to improve collaboration between subsidiaries?

Master data is the basis for intercompany projects. It refers to customers, resources and projects. Transfer data between different tenants (data bases) regardless of their location. Improve your data quality by sharing data in a reliable way. Forget about manually copying data from one business to another.   ​

Maintain a single copy of master data to ensure consistency of important information that is shared across companies within a group. ​

Whether in the form of centralised data sharing, or in the form of dynamic data exchange, choose which scenario suits you best. With the first option you act as the primary source of data for the entire group. Whereas with the second option you and other companies within the group can easily transfer data to one another as needed. In both cases you’re ensuring that all companies in the group have access to the same accurate and up-to-date information.​

*Available for standard Microsoft D365 Business Central​

Streamline and automate your intercompany projects in an integrated process through:​

  • Automated creation of intercompany projects for resources in other legal entities to work on client projects​
  • Automated transfer of time entries for instant control over time spent on intercompany projects​
  • Timely client invoicing and improved cash flow ​

Maximise the value of all individual resources within the group to improve performance on all levels. Ensure that all resources, regardless of their location, are working towards a common goal.


Master data defines key business entities whereas transactional data is generated from business transactions. Master data provides context for transactional data, but transactional data updates the state of master data. Examples of master data: customers, products, employees. Transactional data examples: sales invoices, purchase orders, project timesheets, etc.​

Intercompany data transfer software aka master and project data management solution is used to facilitate the exchange of data between different companies or subsidiaries within a larger organisation.​

Some benefits of using intercompany data transfer software include increased efficiency because of reduced manual data entry, improved data accuracy, better data security, and the ability to automate repetitive data transfer tasks

Intercompany data transfer software can be used to transfer a wide variety of data types, including financial data, customer information, project-related data, and other business-critical information.​
An intercompany data transfer software should have the following features: secure data transfer, integration with your ERP, automation, and scalability

When choosing intercompany data transfer software, it’s important to consider factors such as the specific data transfer needs of your organisation, the integration needs, the level of security and data protection required, and the overall cost and scalability of the solution

pryme Intercompany Master Data Management can easily be installed for free trial. The installation can be done from Microsoft AppSource, or in Business Central from the Extension Marketplace page.

pryme Intercompany is an extension for businesses with intercompany projects built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It can only be built on Business Central. ​

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