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All-in-one matter management software for law firms and accounting firms. Bring processes, people, and data together. End-to-End.

matter management software

pryme Matters: Matter Management Software

All-in-one matter management software for law firms and accounting firms. Bring processes, people, and data together. End-to-End.

About pryme Matters

Matter management software tailored for law firms and accounting firms looking to streamline and digitise their business through an integrated end-to-end industry solution. From intake assessment to revenue recognition.​

Looking for new ways to scale your law firm?

Benefit from digitised compliance assessment in ONE single legal practice management system throughout the matter lifecycle. As an integral part of your client intake process, from the onboarding to the ongoing due diligence, maintain full traceability for regulatory compliance. Keep all concluded assessments for later compliance verification. ​

Simplify client intake, whether integrated with any Know Your Client (KYC) software or processed manually.  Make the various stages of the assessment and the ongoing due diligence an integral part of your intake process. Easily monitor changes to your existing clients. ​

Efficiently check for conflicts of interest (COI) by searching any data and obtaining a list of possible matches. Assess and update each record before making your final COI assessment.

Easily create a matter compliant with Know-Your-Client and Conflict-of-Interest approval processes. Ensure the necessary matter data is captured and entered in a consistent manner, improving the quality of the data. This makes it easier to manage and track matters, allowing Finance to focus on their core responsibilities. Invest your time and effort in more profitable tasks than setting up a matter. ​

Ensure PEPPOL-based task structure, pricing, client and matter acquirers, deadlines, and associations to create compliant matters.    ​

Never miss time entries again by using the start/stop time tracker or updating your timesheet with booked tasks in just one click. Easily capture and record time as work is completed. Automatically generate time records for your parallel 4-10 different assignments worked on daily.  Input time directly in Outlook to submit the assignments you have completed. Receive briefing emails with the current timesheet status for effortless review and prompt submission.     ​

Minimise the time needed to include value-adding texts to your invoice specifications by using pre-defined descriptions and description rules. Provide, in doing so, a more detailed account of the work performed and contribute to a clear understanding of the tasks completed to clients. Ensure proper billing and invoicing for the work done.

Streamline your matter billing to free up resources and allocate them towards billable client work. Your matter invoicing is now fully integrated with Finance. ​

Ensure quality through pre-defined descriptions and approvals. Reduce the time span needed to control and adjust the large number of entries and long descriptions.​

Adjust invoiced amounts by obtaining pro-rated calculations and re-evaluations based on performance when necessary. Distribute the resulting amount among the contributing resources.  ​

Calculate Work in Progress (WIP) automatically and post it to the General Ledger (GL) for a correct income statement at the click of a button. In addition, obtain a detailed WIP report for full audit trail.   ​

Take data-driven decisions based on detailed and trustful information from ONE source with drill-down functionality.​
Have an overall overview to identify areas of improvement rather than having your data all spread over. Monitor risks and apply countermeasures if needed.​

Visualise insights into the financial and operational health of your organisation on demand with Power BI reports. Find the report that better helps you thrive your law firm.  ​

Obtain reports and dashboards on matter profitability, client engagement, fee earners performance, etc. to have full business insights into your law firm. Identify the areas that are performing well, and also the ones that are not, and take corrective actions if required.

pryme Matters allowed us to be able to manage our client time and how we book it. The seamless integration with Business Central and the accountancy was key. Now we can really understand where people are spending their time, where our revenue is, and what needs to be improved. When we had standalone systems, we couldn’t do that.

Sean Looby, Head of Operations at Cafico International

Moving from a manual intake process to a digitalised one has simplified the work for the whole firm. The client and matter intake process, which includes a thorough COI and KYC check, is more efficient and of a higher quality today. Now we know our clients. We have reduced the risk for the firm.

Lena Broman, CFO at DLA Piper

We needed one core system that we could rely on for the future to allow us to grow. We saw a fully integrated solution as the only way to create conditions for growth and scalability. Already in the initial scoping session, we realised that pryme Matters ticked all the boxes in terms of what we were looking for.

Sean Looby, Head of Operations at Cafico International

With our previous time recording system, time entries could go to the wrong matter or client, or the text could be written in a wrong language. Today not only do we capture more time at an earlier stage, but we can handle specific time entry requirements. And lawyers really like the Outlook integration! It simplifies a lot.

Marcus Eyre, IT Manager at DLA Piper

Feature Highlights

Intake Assessment

  • Compliance Assessment
  • Conflict of Interest Check
  • Know-Your-Client Check
  • Know-Your-Client API
  • Due Compliance Integration
  • Legal Entity Service API

Matter Setup

  • Quick Guide Setup
  • Sales Price Templates
  • Deadlines
  • Team Members
  • Referrals
  • Approval workflow

Time & Expense Entry

  • Time Tracker Start/Stop
  • Time entry in Outlook
  • Time entry in Mobile
  • Extended Descriptions
  • Standard Time Descriptions
  • Time Description Rules
  • Timesheet Briefing Email
  • Expense entry in Mobile
  • Attach receipts in Mobile
  • Approval workflows


  • Invoicing Creation
  • Invoicing Status
  • Invoicing Comments
  • Prepayments
  • Invoice Revaluation
  • Excess Time Billing
  • Dynamic Invoice Layout
  • Invoice Specification
  • Invoice Sending Profile
  • Work-In-Progress (WIP)

Manage and control

  • Associations

  • Securities

  • Client funds

  • Client & Matter Acquirers

  • Closure in bulk

  • Move entries

  • Fee Earners Commission

  • Acquirer Commission


  • Client Engagement Report
  • Resource Time Analysis
  • Resource Amount Analysis
  • Resource Expected Achievement
  • Timesheet Status Analysis
  • Partner Liquidity Analysis
  • Commission Analysis
  • WIP Detaild Report
  • WIP Summary Report
  • Power BI Reporting Package


A legal practice management software is designed specifically for use by law firms and legal professionals. It is used to manage and automate various aspects of the legal practice, such as client intake, case management, billing and invoicing. This software can also be integrated with other tools like e-signature, document management, KYC software, etc. It helps in streamlining the workflow and in managing the law firm more efficiently. ​

A legal matter management software should have a variety of features including case and client management, resource management, timekeeping, accounting, matter billing, reporting and analytics, and mobile accessibility. On top of that, it should be integrated with your accounting system to streamline your workflows.  ​

With a cloud-based matter management software, you can access your data and applications from anywhere and from any device with an internet connection, allowing your team to work remotely. Additionally, they are highly scalable, which means that they can easily accommodate changes in the size and needs of your law firm. On top of that, cloud-based business management systems are automatically updated and backed up, so that your data is safe and secure. Last but not least, cloud-based software is often more cost-effective than on-premises solutions. ​

A good cloud-based legal practice management software should include granular permission settings for different types of users, as well as data backup and disaster recovery features that ensure that information is not lost in case of system failure.​

Automating the processes in your law firm will help you be more efficient. Having one centralised source makes it easier to access high-quality data. With the reporting and analytics features you can generate reports on the performance of your law firm, which are difficult to generate with Excel spreadsheets. Cloud-based legal practice management software is flexible and scalable, meaning that it can adapt to your law firm as it grows. ​

Since pryme Matters is built on (Progressus) Advanced Projects, pryme Matters is labeled as “Contact me” on the Microsoft marketplaces. Contact us to receive an URL link for easy installation and free trial. The link will be sent once we have verified that (Progressus) Advanced Projects is installed.

A subscription-based legal practice management software can vary depending on a few factors, such as the features and functionality included, the number of users, and the pricing model. A subscription-based model (SaaS- Software as a service) can cost anywhere from a few dollars per user per month to several hundred depending on the features and functionality. ​

The advantages of using Microsoft-based software are several. Employees are already familiar with Microsoft products, so the adaptation process runs smoother. It can easily integrate with other Microsoft products such as Outlook, Sharepoint and Teams. Having a Microsoft Office subscription can help offset the cost of the software for your law firm. The cloud-based Microsoft ERP Business Central receives regular updates which enhance the user experience. Additionally, your law firm is provided with the security of a large corporation that guarantees that your data is backed up and kept safely and securely. The continuity and stability of the product from the Microsoft side, being this a well-established company with a long history of providing software products, shouldn’t be underestimated. ​

Out-the-box Business Central is not enough for your law firm because it is more focused on financial management, supply chain management and inventory management. In contrast, pryme Matters is an add-on built on Advanced Projects that has been specially designed for law firms and accounting firms. It adds industry-specific capabilities such as intake assessment,  matter setup, pre-defined descriptions and description rules, etc. pryme Matters supports the typical processes of your highly-specialised industry.​

pryme Matters is an extension for law firms and accounting firms built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Advanced Projects. It can only be built on Business Central. ​

Have a closer look at your processes and workflows and identify the gaps. The main goal should be to look for an integrated tool that helps you simplify your matter-related processes reducing the need for duplicate data entry, and thus the risk of error.​

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