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Intelligent time tracking software for projects

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pryme Time

Intelligent time tracking software for projects

About pryme Time

Enhance and simplify your time entry and resource forecast capabilities. Focus as much as possible on billable work. It fulfils the needs of both Finance and Project Management. Tailored for project-centric businesses like yours.

Looking for new ways to capture ALL time without feeling overwhelmed?

Make use of the start/stop timer to track all time spent on work. Have a better control of what you spend time on and contribute with a positive impact on your company’s bottom line thanks to a sharper time tracking.

​Track multiple tasks and assignments simultaneously with the time tracker, regardless of the number of different assignments you work on. Switch between different assignments and accurately track the time spent on each one.  Prevent billables tasks from falling through the cracks.

Manually adjust tracked start and end time if needed and save it for later creation of time entries. At the end of the day, update your timesheet in a click.​

Enjoy a more dynamic and user-friendly experience with drag-and-drop functionality for easy task rearrangement, creation, and deletion.

Easily distinguish between differently coloured detailed time tracking entries.

Set the default duration for new appointments according to your needs.

Create and update time entries directly from the time tracking calendar. Or do it the other way round accessing the calendar straightaway from your timesheet or time tracking entries.

Keep all key metrics in sight in a factbox so that you can align your tracked time with expected working hours with no effort.

All in all, simplify your planning and time management.

Easily create time entries with populated information coming from tracked time, work assignments, Outlook calendar, time tracking calendar or emails. Know exactly how your time is being spent, dispelling any doubts about the number of hours you spend on each task or projects.​

Benefit from the advanced features of our Smart Timesheet such as easier update from different sources, custom-fit rounding method, extended description field, and pre-defined descriptions as well as description rules. This allows you to capture even the smallest increments of time worked and to provide more detailed documentation of the work performed. In doing so, you contribute to a clear understanding of the tasks completed to clients with professional descriptions. Spend less time in creating high-quality timesheet entries and have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Get notified via briefing emails summarizing your timesheet entries. Easily visualize your work done and adjust the time entries if necessary and submit them in a click from your mail. Stop procrastinating thanks to convenient timesheet submission!​

Obtain a resource forecast and time analysis view to analyse the resources that have been allocated to a specific project or task, as well as forecast future resource needs. This can help you identify potential resource constraints or overages and make corrective adjustments accordingly. Track employee productivity and identify areas where improvements can be made to increase efficiency and reduce costs.​

Make more informed decisions about how to allocate resources and schedule tasks for a better overall project management. Also take advantage of predicting the budget and time required for future projects, which can be helpful for budgeting and forecasting.​

pryme Time allowed us to be able to manage our client time and how we book it. The seamless integration with Business Central and the accountancy was key. Now we can really understand where people are spending their time, where our revenue is, and what needs to be improved. When we had standalone systems, we couldn’t do that.

Sean Looby, Head of Operations at Cafico International

The Microsoft look and feel makes the interface very user-friendly. It’s so easy that people started entering time even before the training.

Sean Looby, Head of Operations at Cafico International

Feature Highlights

Time Tracking

  • Start/Stop time tracking
  • Track time with/without reference
  • Time tracking calendar

  • Time tracking history
  • Track time by task
  • Archive time for later creation
  • Adjust tracked start/end time
  • Rounding methods for tracked time

Auto-create time entries

  • Time from Work Assignments
  • Time from Time Tracking
  • Time from Outlook Calendar
  • Time from Time Tracking Calendar

Timesheet registration

  • Weekday option to set date
  • Choose customer option
  • Projects limited to chosen customer
  • Auto-selected project when only one
  • Auto-selected task when only one
  • Extended Descriptions
  • Standard Time Descriptions
  • Time Description Rules

Timesheet Submission

  • Briefing email on open timesheets
  • Briefing email language control
  • Briefing email timesheet status
  • Review timesheet in email
  • Submit timesheet from email

Mgmt Reporting

  • Resource Expected Achievements
  • Resource Time Analysis
  • Resource Amount Analysis
  • Resource Scheduled Forecast


In order to bill their customers accurately and efficiently employees should track their time. There are several ways that employees can track their time such as manual time entries, standalone time tracking software or apps, or built-in time trackers within the project management software, being the latter the most efficient one when integrated within the accounting system.  ​

For professional services firms and in general for project-based businesses, tracking time for billable hours can be particularly difficult. This is because it requires capturing a detailed record of time spent on different projects. Filling out timesheets can be tedious and time-consuming, particularly if they need to be filled out manually. This can be a drain on employee morale and a mental burden. Filling out timesheets is a task that tends to be procrastinated because it’s perceived as low priority and boring.  In contrast, it’s a key factor for any professional services and project-centric business since it’s time and knowledge that is being sold. That’s why robust and user-friendly time tracking software should be implemented in any project-driven company.

Better time tracking of the time spent on different tasks and projects can be helpful for billing and invoicing purposes. Missing billable hours can result in a loss of revenue.​

Since pryme Time is built on (Progressus) Advanced Projects, pryme Time is labeled as “Contact me” on the Microsoft marketplaces. Contact us to receive an URL link for easy installation and free trial. The link will be sent once we have verified that (Progressus) Advanced Projects is installed.

You can easily generate time entries with populated information coming from the timer, a work assignment, an Outlook calendar appointment or an e-mail. All this also on the go with your smartphone.​

Yes, all time tracks appear in an editable format that can be adjusted before generating the time entry.​
Tracking time up to the minute is important in some industries including law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms, and in general in project-related industries.​

Yes, that’s one of the several features of Advanced Projects. As easy as taking a photo of the receipt with your phone and uploading it.​

A resource forecast serves as a tool to predict and plan for future resource needs. It helps organisations to understand their current and future resource requirements. This information can be used to make informed decisions about resource allocation, budgeting, and staffing.​

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