Business Central for projects

Explore the key benefits of Business Central for projects. Discover how Advanced Projects empowers project-driven organisations with data-driven decision-making.

In the ever-evolving world  of project management, staying ahead of the game is paramount for success. As we embrace the challenges of 2024, the landscape undergoes further transformation fueled by technological strides, evolving workplace dynamics, and the pursuit of heightened efficiency. While Agile project management has long held sway, the focus in 2024 shifts towards attaining greater maturity in these agile practices.

Amidst the demands of a competitive economy, firms driven by projects are realising the potential for heightened efficiency through the adoption of project-centric software. It’s time to replace legacy solutions with agile, cloud-based modern solutions.

Business Central for projects

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central stands as a comprehensive, cloud-based ERP solution tailored for small to midsized businesses. Seamlessly connecting sales, service, finance, and operations, it empowers businesses to work smarter, adapt faster, and outperform their goals. Notably, it boasts the best ROI in the business, with a recent Forrester study revealing a remarkable 162% ROI over a three-year period.

While Dynamics 365 Business Central lays a robust foundation, it may not encompass all the functionalities that project-driven firms require. That’s where Advanced Projects steps in. Purpose-built atop Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Advanced Projects provides firms with the essential tools to ensure the profitability of every project.

With Advanced Projects, project-driven organisations gain the ability to make data-driven decisions, enjoying real-time visibility into project operations and maintaining full control over every project aspect.

The top seven benefits of Business Central paired with Advanced Projects for project-driven organisations

With Advanced Projects, fortify your bonds with prospects and clients effortlessly. Keep a watchful eye on activities, monitor sales progress, and seamlessly transition from quotes to orders. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central paired with Progressus opens the door to gaining valuable insights into your customers’ needs, unveiling exciting possibilities for cross-selling and up-selling.

The global shift to remote work has reshaped project management as we know it. In 2024, the evolution of remote project management continues, demanding the integration of collaborative tools, virtual communication platforms, and innovative project management approaches. Project managers must embrace this new normal by cultivating a remote-friendly culture, emphasising communication, and implementing robust project tracking systems.

Enter cloud-based project management tools—a lifeline for teams. In the year ahead, they become even more critical, enabling real-time collaboration, universal access to project data, and seamless communication. Project managers must nurture a sense of connection, ensuring that remote work doesn’t compromise project timelines or quality.

Here’s where Advanced Projects paves the way for enhanced communication and collaboration, empowering teams to contribute anytime, from anywhere—an absolute game-changer in supporting the hybrid, post-pandemic workplace.

Advanced Projects takes the hassle out of billing with built-in features for subscription management and deferred revenue billing. Handle multiple project billings on a single invoice, tackle change orders effortlessly, and navigate your project finances seamlessly through the Advanced Projects Project Accounting feature.

This powerhouse simplifies complex accounting tasks, providing real-time insights into costs and ensuring efficient billing. Elevate your decision-making and take your project’s financial management to new heights. Support defined scopes of service, multipliers, and fees, while keeping a vigilant eye on the notorious scope creep. Gain crystal-clear visibility into service and licensing revenue, empowering you to make more lucrative decisions.

But that’s not all! Manage multiple entities within your firm and track performance across different organisations with comprehensive business intelligence and reporting. With a single set of master records, your data is always up-to-date and accurate.

Advanced Projects steps in to efficiently manage your contracts with streamlined reviews, secure document storage, and seamless onboarding in critical areas.

Once you’ve clinched that client and secured the contract, make use of the project wizard. It’s your magical shortcut, automatically filling in project details without a hint of error, slashing project creation time by a whopping 90%!

The project wizard brings you project templates, invoicing blueprints, and assigns each project its dedicated budget. It’s the command center linking all quotes, contracts, and billable aspects directly, ensuring a seamless flow from start to finish.

Advanced Projects takes your efficiency to the next level by seamlessly integrating generative AI tools. Being part of the Microsoft One Platform provides the foundation for streamlined collaboration and enhanced productivity across various Microsoft applications. Meet Copilot from Microsoft, your sidekick for real-time intelligence across Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and beyond. 🤖💼

With Advanced Projects, take command of your resources like never before! Gain comprehensive visibility into the skills, availability, and experience of your team, ensuring you have the perfect match for every job, precisely when needed.

Thanks to smart workflows, automatic alerts keep you in the loop on resource utilization and capacity constraints. No more guessing games—just seamless management of your valuable assets.

In the era of digital abundance, data poses both a challenge and an opportunity for project managers. As we step into 2024, the spotlight intensifies on data-driven decision-making, urging project managers to harness analytics and insights for informed choices across the project lifecycle.

With Advanced Projects, picture real-time performance metrics, predictive analytics, and actionable insights at your fingertips. Project managers leverage this data-driven approach to spot trends, mitigate risks, and optimise project outcomes. What’s more, it nurtures a culture of continuous improvement, with organisations learning from past projects and adapting strategies accordingly.

In conclusion, Advanced Projects emerges as your indispensable ally for effective project management and accounting. From optimising contract processes to enabling data-driven decision-making, this powerful tool transforms challenges into opportunities, bringing efficiency and clarity to every facet of project-centric businesses.

Now, as you envision the future of your projects, the key lies in finding the right partner. Look for a collaborator who understands the nuances of your industry, values the power of innovation, and can seamlessly integrate with Advanced Projects to elevate your project management game.

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