Procrastination at work

Why is it so difficult to do your timesheet daily? What kind of supernatural force keeps you from updating your timesheets when work is done? Let’s have a look at the reasons that make you procrastinate at work.

If you’re reading this post instead of addressing the report due tomorrow, don’t worry: you might be a procrastinator, but the good thing is that you’re not alone.

According to recent research carried out by Joseph Ferrari (professor of psychology at the DePaul University in Chicago), 20% of adults are chronic procrastinators. And what’s more, we are all susceptible.

The reason behind procrastination at work lies in not being able to manage our negative emotions around a certain task. Normally we don’t procrastinate on pleasant things, but on boring or unpleasant stuff. And let’s speak the truth right away: doing your timesheets is a pain in the neck.

Nonetheless, you know as well as I do that submitting your timesheets is as necessary as the work you carry out. If you want to stop putting it off to the last minute so that you don’t get stressed, there are ways to overcome procrastination.

How to overcome procrastination at work?

  • How about attaching meaning to the task? Think about why capturing your work is important to you. Maybe if you get it done on time, it may help other people.
  • Or maybe it can help you avoid negative repercussions. There’s no right and wrong as long as it is meaningful to you.
  • Make use of technology that helps you overcome procrastination.

Well, hold on a second. I’m talking to you assuming that you do procrastinate, and maybe you don’t…

Ever thought about it before? Do you want to find it out? Don’t procrastinate and take the test right away. 😉

And if you have some time to left to procrastinate, watch this video that’s worth every second.

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